Squats – Can It Get Simpler than That?

Are you ready for a sweat-drenching move?

This is easy.

It includes three simple moves, as follows:

  • Pull your workout leggings on.
  • Go deep and with a proper posture form into a squat.
  • Come out of it.

If you go slow on your way back up, you’ll build strong muscles. While if you pop up quickly, you’ll activate them.

Either way, make sure that you squeeze your glutes when you come up to the top. Also, keep a good posture by carrying your chest out and shoulders back.

Try any (or all) of the following variations and see how they make you feel. I’m pretty sure that if you lead a consistent daily routine of performing a couple of 10 squats each day for a period longer than a week, you’ll see results kicking in in the shape of more defined muscles. They will also leave you feeling stronger.

Squats are so much more than regular going down and up.

Squat Variations 

You can spruce them up with variations like a narrow squat that resembles a chair pose from yoga with the difference that you do a pulsing move. You can even take this move one step further and rise on your tiptoes. For holding your balance easier, bring your arms in front of your nose.

One other variation of the previous one, with your heels on the ground, is bringing one ankle over the other knee into a figure four. This move also gives you a nice stretch of your glutes.

From here, you can bring the leg that was resting on your knee back into an extended “airplane” position. You can then both perform a squat on your standing leg or pulse the lifted leg up towards the sky for another glute move.

When I choose the latter, I like to go back into a variation that requires a chair or a low barre. Place the back leg onto the chair and do a squat on your standing leg. For me, this is one of the most difficult moves, but it comes with some of the best benefits in defined quads, which is always a plus in my books.

While you have a chair, you might as well put good use to it. Bring the back leg to it. Make sure that you’re still holding a proper form and an upright posture with your upper body. Try and touch the seat with your behind. But only go as deep as to where you still have control over the movement.

If you’re up for the challenge and for not keeping things monotone, bring that same leg to the side and lift it up simultaneously when you go down to the squat.

Then, bring the leg behind your behind and equally lift it up when you bend down on your front leg.

Repeat the sequence on the other leg as well. You don’t want to be slanted to one side because one leg is so much stronger than the other. No matter how you take it, one side will always be your dominant one because your brains control it, but that’s the material for yet another article.

I guarantee you that if you consistently do these moves for a few weeks straight, you’ll not only see the results of being stronger, but you’ll moreover feel all that strength mentally.

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