Spices That Can Turn into Lotions

My use of spices might be pretty basic but I try to incorporate it into various aspects of our lives, not only cuisine. For example, I have managed to crop plenty of thyme – and making it into a lotion has seemed like a wise idea.

It is known to cure stomach ache and calm the nerves and is moreover known to eliminate viruses and bacilli. It is a great lotion to use on the bottom of my feet when extremely tired or feeling a cold coming to avoid it. I even rub a little on my baby’s chest and back when he has a high temperature. Also, a syrup with an addition of thyme is great for beating the cold.

Thyme buds placed underneath a hot water bottle heat up the chest and consequently cure a cold. It is even wise to make a bath of it as it’ll revitalize you.

It blooms brightly pink and is nice to have in sight, but it is rather difficult to grow. It does not grow in moist places, rather on dry and shallow ground with lots of sunlight. But the time period of it blooming is quite extensive, as it grows from May through September – might as well take advantage of it.

Thyme is moreover a great addition to your cuisine as it compliments different dishes from fish to soups and salads.

Another healthy plant is brightly yellowy-orange calendula. It is believed to be weather prognostic, for when it doesn’t bloom in the morning, it may mean that it will be cloudy and rainy throughout the day.

It has the ability to clear blood and eliminate viruses from the body. It even helps with jaundice. Its medicinal properties are also beneficial when you’re having an intestinal inflammation, as its tea works soothingly. Also, if you want to strengthen your sight, try rinsing them with calendula.

Using its juice helps cure skin warts. The only thing you need to do to get a lotion out of it is to throw a couple of handful of calendula into a heated fat (I like to use ghee butter for it, but other types of fats would do just great, too). It moreover helps eliminate Varicose veins, freckles, and fungi.

Yet another basic, super aromatic and versatile spice is rosemary.

It is an evergreen bush with many health benefits. It stabilizes heart pulse, it raises blood pressure and strengthens the heart. You can steep it in different oils, wine, or teas, and it brings out its sweet strong aroma. To add, it also has healing effects while steeped in luke water for a bath when you feel a cold coming.

I hope these sparked an idea for you on how to either crop your own and use them to their health advantage or even ask your neighbors if you can make good use of theirs. I’m sure they won’t mind bring them a healthy lotion in return.

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