Best Places To Practice Yoga

Yoga is something that can be practiced anywhere and anytime. There are no specifications about what kind of a space you should practice yoga in; the only condition is that your mind should be clear and you should be totally relaxed in your practice of yoga.

However, ideally there are certain places where you can practice yoga which would optimize your yoga experience and take it to a new level: 

Yoga Studio

This is a fairly obvious option. You can sign up for a yoga class for beginners at your local yoga studio and this will be the ideal place for you to delve into yoga as a beginner. The class timings will keep you motivated to keep practicing yoga. Plus the yogi who instructs the class will teach you the postures and how each one of them is to be done correctly. Hence for beginners, a yoga class at a local yoga studio might be the best place to practice yoga in. 


There is no place like home. And even in terms of yoga, having a yoga space in your home where you can practice your daily yoga is a great idea since you will not have to drive or walk somewhere out of the way to practice yoga but can do it whenever you have time during the day when you are home with nothing to do. 

The Park

Your local park is one the best places in which to practice yoga. Yoga focuses on serenity and connecting with yourself at a deeper level. Hence what better place in which to practice yoga than the natural, green setting of the park? You can either practice right on the grass or take your yoga mat with you; whatever you are most comfortable with. But practicing yoga at the park will help you connect with nature more and thus help make clearing your mind even easier. 

Beach or Waterfront 

You might have heard multiple times, and maybe even experienced it at some point, but the sounds of running water or the sea are supposed to have a calming effect on humans. This is why we recommend that you practice yoga at the beach or near any kind of waterfront such as a lake or a pond. Whatever is the most easily accessible waterfront for you to safely practice yoga in. The calming sounds of the water will help you clear your mind even better, and hence enhance your yoga experience. 


If we are talking about the best places to practice yoga in, we absolutely cannot leave India out! India was the birth place of yoga and has contributed greatly to the development of this practice. 

Hence, some of the oldest places where yoga has been practiced for centuries exist within India, and going there to practice yoga can be a great experience since you go back to the roots of yoga. And that in itself is a very unique experience.

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